wheel loader

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– Wheel loader application – where a standard (non-electronic) engine drives a hydraulic pump and produces high-pressure oil drives wheels through hydro-motors delivers power to all hydraulic cylinders and pistons.
– Two InteliDrive Mobile (ID-Mobile) controllers are utilized in the application. The first one, located in the driver’s cabin, receives commands from the driver via two joysticks and various switches giving him complete information on machine status via a large color screen and a few pilot-lights. The second InteliDrive Mobile, located on the machine frame, controls and monitors the engine and various hydraulic control valves.
– Communication between the two InteliDrive controllers and the on-board display is via CAN line. This makes the system wiring and integration very simple.
– All values, warnings and fault codes from the engine are displayed on the on-board display.
– Control of the bucket level is via proportional hydraulic valves, control of wheel speed with anti-slip protection is via PWM hydraulic valves and all other control loops are realized by standard integrated free configurable control blocks.