SPM-D2-10 series

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The SPM-D2-10 series are microprocessor-based synchronizers designed for use on three phase AC generators equipped with Woodward or other compatible speed controls and automatic voltage regulators. The SPM-D2-10 synchronizers provide automatic frequency, phase and voltage matching using either analog or discrete output bias signals. The SPM-D2-10 provides 1-phase / 2-wire voltage measurement with options for analog or discrete biasing signals and wide range power supply.  These synchronizers are applied to a wide range of prime movers and generators, as their control signals may be set to fit several types of gensets — from fast-reacting diesel engines to soft-reacting gas turbines.
All SPM-D2 synchronizers are password protected and configurable either through HMI (as were the SPM-D units) or through the ToolKit configuration tool with USB connectivity.
Benefits include:
Compatible with a wide range of governors, automatic voltage regulators, and circuit breakers
True RMS voltage sensing for reduced susceptibility to harmonics
Front face synchroscope for easy commissioning
HMI programming and USB connectivity to Woodward ToolKit service tool
Drop-in replacement for existing SPM-D10 synchronizers
Synchronization for one or two circuit breakers
Phase match or slip frequency synchronization with voltage matching
Three position/analog outputs for speed and voltage bias signals
Circuit breaker time compensation
Discrete inputs for operating mode selection
Two-line liquid crystal text display for operation, alarm indication, and visualization of measuring values
LED synchroscope
Wide range power supply option available
PC and front panel configurable