RN 200 (Control device for renewable energy sources)

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RN200 is a device for the protection and control of inverters for the production of electricity from renewable sources (wind, photovoltaic, etc.).
It allows a simple integration of renewable sources with generators and / or electricity grids. It allows to maximize the penetration of renewable sources, while ensuring maximum safety on the power supply of the users and the maximum efficiency of the generators.

It communicates via a CAN BUS interface with the SICES generator control boards (GC600, DST4602 Evolution) and the network control boards (MC200), ensuring simple integration of all components (both from the logical point of view and from the view of the wiring).

Control functions included

  • Automatic start / stop of the inverters according to the presence of voltage on the common bars.
  • Automatic management of a switch (RNCB) that connects the inverters to the common bars.
  • Limitation of the active power of the inverters, to ensure the operation of the generators at a configurable minimum power (to avoid wear linked to prolonged work at low power).
  • Setting of a power reserve (SPINNING RESERVE) for the generators, so that they can make up for sudden drops in the production of renewable sources (clouds) without causing blackouts on the users.
  • Two ways of managing the reactive power of the inverters:
    • Fixed power factor on the generators (and everything else is supplied / absorbed by the inverters).
    • Distribution of reactive power with generators, based on nominal powers.
  • Possibility of working OFF-GRID (in island) and ON-GRID (in parallel to the grid).
  • Percentage distribution of active / reactive powers among the inverters.
  • Percentage distribution of active / reactive powers among the RN200

It also allows manual control of both the inverters and the RNCB switch.

Protections for renewable sources

  • 27 Minimum voltage (2 thresholds).
  • 46 Tension asymmetry.
  • 50 Maximum instantaneous current.
  • 51 Maximum time-dependent current.
  • 50V Maximum instantaneous current with reduction of the threshold related to the voltage.
  • 51V Maximum time-dependent current with reduction of the voltage-related threshold.
  • 59 Maximum voltage (2 thresholds).
  • 81O Maximum frequency (2 thresholds).
  • 81U Minimum frequency (2 thresholds).

Protections for the common bars

  • 27 Minimum voltage.
  • 46 Tension asymmetry.
  • 47 Wrong phase sequence.
  • 59 Maximum voltage.
  • 81O Maximum frequency.
  • 81U Minimum frequency.

Tecnical data

  • Power supply voltage: 7 … 32Vdc.
  • Stand-by consumption: less than 6 W (225mA @ 27 VDC).
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz.
  • Operating temperature: -25 °… + 60 ° C.
  • Storage temperature: -30… + 80 ° C.
  • Humidity: 10-90% (non-condensing).
  • Dimensions: 244 (L) x 178 (H) x 83 (P) mm.
  • Mounting slot: 218 (L) x 159 (H) mm.
  • Weight: 1100gr.
  • Protection degree: IP65 with special gasket.
  • 4.3 ”TFT color graphic display 480 x 272 pixels with backlighting lamp.
  • EMC: compliant with EN61326-1.
  • Safety: compliant with EN61010-1.