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Woodward’s Power Generation Learning Module is a dynamic model that takes students from basic engine speed control and electrical power generation fundamentals straight through to generator synchronization and load sharing processes.

Packaged into a handy USB flash drive, the learning module can be used at work or at home on any personal computer. Topics are presented in standalone sections, allowing you to spend as much time as needed to fully understand that topic or to re-visit the topic to refresh your knowledge. As a life-like representation of an actual three-engine generator system, the learning module simulates realistic engine dynamics and responses to provide you with an authentic hands-on experience.

Learning module topics include:

  • Fundamentals of:
  • Engine speed control
  • Electrical power generation
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Power factor and VAR (volt-amp-reactive) control
  • Speed control dynamic tuning
  • Synchronizing of generators to each other and to the utility grid
  • Various load control schemes:
  • Isochronous
  • Droop
  • Droop – droop load control
  • Isochronous load sharing
  • Droop baseload
  • Isochronous baseload
  • Import/export control
  • Fully automatic control for emergency backup generators