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New feAtures – release 3.6
∙ VDE-AR-N 4110
∙ G99 Issue 1 Amendment 3
∙ Wattmetric Ground Fault Protection
∙ IEC 60870-5-104
∙ SCADApter for Retrofit
∙ Usability improvements
∙ IT Security
∙ Improved Frequency and ROCOF precision*


The MRMV4 is a protection relay which uses the latest Dual-Core-Processor Technology to provide precise and reliable protective functions. Also it is very easy to operate.
The MRMV4 provides all necessary functions to protect low and medium voltage motors at all power levels. The protection functions are based on current and voltage measurement and supervise all thermal conditions, motor start sequence, stall and locked rotor, undercurrent and incomplete sequence. Overcurrent functions and earth fault functions are also  available
as power protection, frequency and voltage elements. The motor operation can be monitored by statistic and trend recorders.

Applicable for:

Low and high voltage asynchronous motors. Protection based on current and voltage measurement.