LS-521 P.N: 8440-2150

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The LS-5 Series are synchronizer and load share controllers with integrated protective functions. They are designed to enable complex power management applications with multiple incoming mains and bus breakers in combination with easYgen-3400/3500 equipped genset controllers.
The LS-5 devices will manage synchronization, loading and unloading on each bus segment and send the required voltage and frequency references via CAN bus to the easYgen-3400/3500 genset controllers. LS-5 devices which are located on the incoming mains breakers will automatically detect mains failures and start the corresponding gensets accordingly. Wiring efforts are reduced to a minimum, since only one CAN bus connection is required between all LS-5 and easYgen-3400/3500 controllers. It is not required to wire any AC measurement signals or discrete inputs/outputs between the LS-5 and easYgen-3400/3500 controllers.
Extensive remote control capabilities via discrete inputs or interfaces are provided to easily integrate the LS-5 into each application environment.
The back panel mounted LS-521 has a rugged aluminum chassis for use in harsh environments or confined spaces.
Features include:
Up to 16 LS-5 units can be operated in one network with up to 32 easYgen-3400/3500
Phase match or slip frequency synchronization with voltage matching
Full protection package ( including df/dt (ROCOF), phase shift and mains voltage increasing protection according to new German grid code requirements in VDE-0126-1-1)
Segment control for the load sharing
Event Log with up to 300 entries
Automatic date and time synchronization between the LS-5 units and the connected easYgen-3400/3500 controls
LS-5 “Stand alone” mode without the easYgen-3400/3500 is possible
Preconfigured application modes for the most common applications in the field (MCB or MCB/GGB application)
Automatic and Manual mode
Full remote control via CAN or RS-485 interface
In case transformers are used in the application, vector group adjustment is available
Breaker open/close failure detection
Mains decoupling “Test” mode
Multilingual capability
Lock Keypad feature