InteliMains 1010

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Mains supervision/Utility breaker controller

  • Comprehensive Mains/Utility/Tie-breaker controller for any site
  • Synchronize set of gen-sets to the Mains/Utility when needed or requested
  • Acts as Mains protection relay
  • Pre-programmed functions allow fast and easy system set-up
  • Large in-built PLC interpreter allows customization at no extra cost

Key features

  • Hardware compliant to the latest switchgear market needs
  • Supports latest Grid codes requirements from Europe, USA and Australia
  • Cooperates with ComAp’s InteliGen 1000 controllers forming a solution with up to 64 units without any extra repeaters or extensions
  • Pre-programmed functions and internal PLC interpreter allows to make basic solutions fast and easy. Should the project require any specific requirements this can be done easily at no extra costs and with minimum effort or programming skills
  • Cyber security is guaranteed on the whole solution level, compliant to the ISA62433 standard
  • Handles large number of simultaneously connected clients like HMIs, SCADA, BMS and others, allowing easy and convenient monitoring from both local and remote areas
  • AirGate 2.0 allows faster, more reliable remote connection from all around the world
  • Modbus client (master) functionality allows easy integration of Modbus based devices into the InteliMains 1010 to benefit from provided data – e.g. diagnostics
  • Load transfer from gen-sets back to Mains/Utility is adjustable, with an option of short time parallel operation, even below 100ms
  • Double redundancy of the communication line with other controllers allows usage in complex applications like datacentres, hospitals and others
  • For easy handling for operators or troubleshooting purposes the InteliMains 1010 offers up to 31 characters in text fields which makes parameters, values and alarms self-explanatory and easy to understand for anyone