InteliGen 500 Microgrid (SKMICROGR01)

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The InteliGen 500 Microgrid solution consists of the InteliGen 500 (genset controller), a custom microgrid firmware upgrade activated by a software key and an InteliFieldbus Gateway for interaction with third party products including solar inverters.

The parts required for the complete solution:
IG3500XXBAA – InteliGen 500
CM1IFGATBBB – InteliFieldbus Gateway
SKMICROGR01 – InteliGen 500 Microgrid software activation key

The InteliGen 500 Microgrid system allows you to take full control of energy resources within your microgrid. It provides an easy to use interface and an efficient energy management including remote monitoring.

  • Seamless integration of PV Solar plant, Battery Energy Storage System, Diesel genset and Mains. Synchronized transition between power sources.
  • Renewable energy preferrence is guaranteed by the built-in energy management algorithms.
  • Site reliability is enhanced not only due to automatic switching of the energy resources but also by functions such as AMF on battery, cyclical battery charging, etc.
  • Flexible design of the solution allows you to start with a basic application such as PV-Genset and extend the site with BESS or Mains connection later on without having to change the control system components.
  • AMF on battery – as long as there’s enough energy stored in batteries there’s no need to start the genset immediately when mains fails.
  • Cyclical battery charging allows using the genset at its most efficient power point to charge the BESS battery and then shut down to supply the load from batteries. This is suitable for night time operation of islanded sites and other similar usage.
  • Wide range of supported devices – almost any PV and BESS inverter can be used.
  • Easy configuration and commissioning using mostly setpoints and drop-down menus.