InteliGen 1000

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InteliGen 1000 represents a new standard for a gen-set controller for mid-level to highly complex paralleling applications. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of projects such as datacentres and hospitals, meet high level cyber security requirements and still give users a great level of flexibility, configurability – all whilst being easy to use.

  • Cooperation with up to 64 gen-set/mains/tie controllers
  • Direct communication with ECUs
  • Secure remote control and monitoring
  • Highly flexible yet configurable solution for switchgear applications

Key features

  • Hardware compliant to the latest switchgear market needs
  • State of the art AC accuracy measurement which allows it to be used on primary frequency control mechanism, grid balancing and demand response projects
  • Cybersecurity by design, compliant to the ISA62433 standard
  • A variety of both local and remote monitoring options, with a high number of connected clients split into “trusted” and “untrusted” zones
  • Mains parallel operation with support of Grid Codes, compliant to European Grid codes ( EN 50549, VDE-AR-N 4110:2018, VDE-AR-N 4105:2019, G99, TOR), American IEEE 1547 and others
  • Multiple Island operation with cooperation with up to 64 additional gen-set/mains/tie controllers (InteliGen 1000 or InteliMains 1010)
  • Several load transfer options with the possibility of less than 100ms load transfer
  • Redundant inter-controller line for critical applications like datacentres and hospitals
  • Double redundancy of the kW and kVAr sharing
  • User management allowing up to 30 unique users
  • AirGate 2.0 makes sure that the connection to the controller is established faster from all around the world, and is more reliable than ever before.
  • Internal PLC interpreter with an easy to use PLC Editor, for simple and fast creation of specific logic
  • Up to 31 characters in texts, parameters, and alarms for system clarity and easy troubleshooting
  • Compatibility with ComAp InteliGen/InteliSys/InteliMains-NT line, InteliGen 200, InteliGen500 controllers
  • Enable/Disable of features and protections makes the system highly versatile yet simple and easy for both commissioning engineers and operators