InteliGateway 300 (CM2GW300BAB)

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InteliGateway 300 is a new generation versatile communication gateway that seamlesly connects multiple Modbus devices to WebSupervisor / InteliScada monitoring systems as well as to ComAp controllers.

Key Benefits

  • Expansion of devices that are monitored from WebSupervisor or InteliScada
    • Supports connectivity of 3rd party Modbus server devices through a user customizable configuration
  • Immune to network outage
    • By employing data buffering capability monitoring system will not miss a single bit of data from your devices even when connectivity to the site has been temporarily impaired
  • Provides capability to interconnect 3rd party Modbus server devices with existing ComAp controllers
  • Seamless transition from predecessor products
    • Same configuration tool and footprint as the predecessor InteliFieldbus Gateway
    • Single click configuration transfer from its predecessor InteliFieldbus Gateway

Key Features

  • Embeds Modbus client capability with access to Modbus servers via both TCP or RS485
    • 2x RS485 connector that allow connecting up to 16 Modbus servers each
    • 1x dedicated Ethernet interface (LAN) that allows connecting up to 128 devices
  • Connects seamlessly to ComAp controllers over CAN
    • 3x CAN connector for connecting up to 3 controllers in total
  • Connects to the WebSupervisor monitoring system from anywhere
    • 1x dedicated Ethernet interface (WAN) that allows connecting via AirGate technology
    • 512 MB of internal non-volatile memory to buffer data during connectivity issues
  • User editable templates for custom devices