InteliDrive DCU Marine (Order code: ID-DCU Marine)

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Engine controller for Marine Applications

  • Modular IACS Certified Engine Controller for Marine Applications
  • Control, monitoring and protection for any type of marine engines
  • Dedicated Emergency, Auxiliary, Harbour and Propulsion engines application
  • Single speed application for generators and variable speed application for propulsion, pumps, compressors
  • Support of wide range of EFI (ECU) engines with Tier 4F support
  • Support of multiple J1939 devices on one CAN bus line
  • Connection to engine via primary J1939 and backup J1587 buses or Cummins Modbus
  • Remote monitoring via Modbus, Ethernet and AirGate
  • Configurable Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP
  • RS232, RS485 via ID-COM, Ethernet communication support via IB-NT
  • WebSupervisor support for remote supervising and monitoring
  • Redundant architecture: Main unit + Backup module
  • Backup ID-RPU module with broken wire protections
  • Speed/load control via J1939 or J1587 buses
  • Symmetrical load sharing for propulsion engines with J1939 (via CAN bus)
  • Power management controller cooperation over CAN bus (IG/IS-NTC-BB)
  • Integrated clutch control
  • 14 binary inputs
  • 14 binary outputs
  • 8 analog inputs
  • Marine certified extension modules for expandable number of Input/Outputs
  • 80× AIN, 32× AOUT, 112× BIN, 112× BOUT
  • Load sharing for propulsion engines, Integrated clutch control for propulsion engines
  • Switching between primary and secondary battery
  • Internal configurable PLC with large set of functions
  • PLC lock capability to keep your know-how safe
  • Event driven History record up to 4000
  • Customizable colour HMIs, incuding InteliVision 12T OEM support
  • I-RD-CAN Marine remote display is replaced by ComAp HMIs InteliVision