HS 315 (Hybrid system controller for 48Vdc generators typically used in Telecom applications)

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HS315 aims to minimise generator run time and optimize both fuel consumption and running hours.
This hybrid controller features whole site voltages and currents monitoring with the ability to communicate with smart batteries.

HS315 has been designed to control DC generator and is able to monitor load and battery levels, as well as manage the automatic stop/start of the genset.

Specific functions have been included to ensure a comprehensive control and protection of the genset, the battery, the charging system and of an auxiliary renewable power source (if any).

The standing control of the battery, and its charging process, ensures the battery long lasting, reducing fuel consumption and service/maintenance on the engine.

The in-built BMS provides information like charge level and remaining supply time estimation, allowing manual control of the system as well. Configurable specific I/O are provided assuring the specific requirements of the application.


  • Automatic start / stop of generator, based on battery voltage and charge level.
  • Integrated full battery management system (BMS) to ensure maximum life and best performance.
  • Compensation of the charging voltage and current, based on the battery temperature.
  • Battery charge level display.
  • Control of engine speed and / or alternator excitation.
  • Management of an auxiliary renewable energy source (if present).
  • Dedicated inputs configurable for DC voltages and currents.
  • Internal clock and historical archive of events.
  • Fully configurable timers.
  • Optimization of the fuel consumption of the engine (making it work at the most efficient rotation speed) and reduction of maintenance.
  • Several communication ports available.


  • Manual and automatic starting, with configurable timings.
  • Configurable inputs / outputs.
  • Storage battery measurements:
    • temperature,
    • residual charge,
    • depth of discharge (DOD).
  • Automatic starting of the engine based on the condition of the battery
  • accumulation.
  • Management of engine diagnostic codes.
  • Periodic start-up of the engine under test to check its efficiency.
  • Internal calendar clock, with rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Management of the fuel loading pump.
  • Events archive with 126 recordings.
  • Additional archive with 32 records for battery charge / discharge cycles.
  • Engine preheating management.
  • Remote commands for starting and stopping.
  • Hour counter for maintenance planning and management.
  • Day counter and calendar for maintenance planning and management.
  • Integrated buzzer.
  • Measurement of engine rotation speed from pick-up or W.
  • Configurable from PC or directly from the keyboard.
  • Update sign remotely.
  • Communication via SMS.
  • Support for NTP, DHCP, DNS and SNMP network protocols.


  • Power supply voltage: 7… 32 Vdc.
  • Power consumption: typically less than 2W (in AUTO mode, engine stopped, backlight lamp off).
    Working frequencies: 50Hz or 60Hz (only in case of AC measurements).
  • LCD with backlight lamp.
  • Usage temperature: -25 ° C to 60 ° C.
  • Thermal cycles @ 50 ° C for 48h with test-report for each card.
  • Protection degree: IP65 (with gasket included).
  • Weight: 750gr.
  • Dimensions: 244 (W) x 178 (H) x 50 (D) mm.
  • Mounting slot dimensions: 218 (W) x 159 (H) mm.
  • Graphic display size: 70x38mm – 128×64 pixels.
  • EMC: compliant with EN61326-1.
  • Safety: compliant with EN61010-1.