GC-400 (Genset controller)

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Embedded functions:

  • Engine diagnostic code.
  • Periodical test.
  • Real time clock with internal rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Fuel pump management.
  • 126 Events log.
  • Pre-glow and coolant heater management.
  • Remote start and stop.
  • Override function.
  • Hours counter for the maintenance schedule.
  • Daily counter with embedded calendar for the maintenance.
  • Embedded alarm horn.
  • Engine speed measurement by pick-up, frequency or W.
  • Programmable by PC or using the keyboard of the controller.
  • Remote firmware update.
  • SMS communication.
  • DHCP, DNS, NTP and SNMP Support are available.
  • N.1 Threshold as load shedding.
  • Internal active and reactive regulation.
  • Internal load-sharing.
  • Internal synchronizer.
  • Powerful load management suitable for plants composed by gensets of different powers.
  • CAN interface for ECU connection (J1939 and MTU MDEC).
  • Insulated CAN interface for PMCBUS application (LOAD–SHARING and parallel management).
  • Up to 16 gensets connected together.
  • Up to 4 alternative configurations.
  • Easy plant configuration.
  • N.3 Levels of power reserve for expected changes of load.
  • Load and unload ramps.