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  • Description:
  • Forwarder application – where electronic engine drives hydraulic pump and produces high-pressure oil for driving manipulator.
  • Two InteliDrive Mobile (ID-Mobile) controllers are utilized in the application. The first one – Slave unit located in the driver’s cabin receives commands from the driver via joysticks, foot pedals and various switches. Large color screen together with a few pilot lights gives complete information and machine status. The second InteliDrive Mobile – Master unit located on the machine frame controls and monitors the engine and hydraulic control valves.
  • Communication between the two InteliDrive controllers and the on-board color screen is via CAN line. This makes the system wiring and integration very simple.
  •  All values, warnings and fault codes from the engine are displayed on the on-board color screen.
  • GPS module allows geofencing function- protecting machine against the stealing or unauthorized use. SMS or e-mail warning is sent in such case.
  • GSM Module allows monitoring machine activities or status of vehicle.