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ESEPRO is a Profibus gateway specifically designed to interface Woodward’s Easygen series genset controls with Profibus-DP networks. It interfaces via the CAN bus with the Woodward controls and is easy to configure using standard Profibus configuration tools like Simatic Manager.
A single ESEPRO added to the CAN network will make all Visualisation Data of connected Woodward CANopen controls available without adding additional load to the CAN bus communication. The Visualisation Data is buffered in the ESEPRO gateway which decouples Profibus’ cyclic process I/O from the CANopen cyclic TPDO transfers.
The ESEPRO appears as a modular I/O module in the Profibus configuration tool.

Features: Profibus gateway for Woodward Easygen genset controls and LS-5 controls

  • Supports Easygen-3000 Series (3500XT, 3400XT, 3200XT, 3100XT)
  • Supports Easygen-2000 Series
  • Supports Easygen-1000 Series
  • Supports LS-5
  • Supports LS-6XT
  • Supports DTSC-200
  • Addresses up to 8 Woodward controls
  • Easy configuration using Simatic Manager
  • Direct mapping of data into process I/O
  • Fast indexed access to Basic Visualisation Data table
  • Acyclic DP-V1 functions to read and write Remote Control words
  • Acyclic DP-V1 access to larger data blocks
  • Reading and Writing of device parameters
  • Internal buffer for Visualisation Data
  • Transparent handling of data guarantees future compatibility
  • Firmware upgradable via Ethernet bootloader