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Brief Overview

EmulationBase is a tool, which allows emulating a number of
EG3000XT, GC3000, loads and mains connections and their load
dependent start/stop behavior. It will be compiled partially from the
original EG3000XT and GC3000 applications. That means that
always a version of the tool shall be used which fits to the emu‐
lated devices. It is not a full simulation of an actual system and so
does not simulate dynamic processes, but concerning the start/
stop decisions in such a system, it is accurate.
The tool executes emulation projects to be set up by the user. A
project is defined by a JSON file with a definition of to-be-emulated
nodes and their connections. Possible nodes are EG3000XT,
GC3000, loads or mains. The user can create and edit these JSON
files. The tool supports a limited automatic generation of JSON
files. It supports up to eight Group Controller nodes, each having
attached one load node, one optional mains node and up to 31
genset nodes.
The tool sets up these nodes, executes them independently and
lets them communicate between each other. The communication
between the nodes uses the original code of the emulated devices.
Timing of the emulation is roughly similar to the original application
The tool also emulates (in a simplified way) an electrical network
and circuit breakers. It emulates load share in island and mainsparallel
The tool allows that the nodes be accessed by Modbus/TCP and
selected parameters of the elements written and read. The Modbus
master can be the same PC where the emulation is running or
another PC in the same network. This is for embedding the emula‐
tion in a larger simulation project.
The tool has an own visualization, which can be switched off for a
user defined external visualization via Modbus. However, the
internal visualization can be kept switched on; it will not interfere
with an external visualization.
The tool allows the transfer of emulation related parameters from
and to actual physical Woodward EG3000XT and GC3000.
The tool allows creating parameter sets for Woodward EG3000XT
and GC3000 to be used with the Woodward Toolkit configuration
The tool requires a license. When unlicensed it will only visualize
systems of up to two group controllers and up to four gensets for
each group controller.