EASYGEN | LS-6XT P.N: 8440-2222

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The LS-6XT control together with easYgen-3000XT controls are designed to support OEM switchgear builders, generator packagers, and system integrators standardize on a single hardware for a multitude of utility or island parallel operations. Off-the-shelf LS-6XT control is software configurable for one/two breaker control, gensets / genset groups handling, and stand-alone/multiunit application.

The LS-6XT controller is available in a rugged aluminum powder coated housing. An LED Annunciator plate is integrated to the front for local annunciation of alarms that are customizable on-site. Woodward touch screen RP-3000XT is supported over a separate Ethernet network that works as remote operator control panel.


​​Premium circuit breaker control for reliability
demanding complex power management

  • Peak shaving operation
  • Import/Export operation
  • Islanded & Utility parallel operation


  • Works with easYgen-3400/3500XT genset controls and/or easYgen | GC-3000XT group control or as stand-alone synch check cum class I power measurement relay
  • Control up to 64 breakers on up to 128 bus segments in an application
  • Purpose built application schemes for
    • One/two breaker control
    • Gensets/genset groups handling
    • Stand-alone/multiunit operation
  • Forward and reverse synchronization between utility and genset group
  • Built-in redundant communication (CAN-Eth, Eth-Eth)
  • Ethernet and RS-485 interfaces for remote control and visualization·
  • Customizable logic, HMI screens (with RP-3000XT) and alarms
  • Adjustable vector groups for synchronization
  • Custom programmable I/Os
  • Power measurement class 1
  • Direct connect up to 690 Vac