EASYGEN GC-3400XT P.N: 8440-2267

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The GC-3400XT is based on a scalable multi-master control concept to combine up to 31x easYgen-3000XT equipped gensets with one group controller in a group. The groups are scaled up to x16, i.e a total up to 496 gensets can be managed in an application. On distribution layer, GC-3400XT supports easYgen | LS-6XT to enable complex power generation and distribution applications.


  • Prime Power
  • Peak shaving
  • Emergency standby
  • Import-Export
  • Island parallel
  • Mains parallel


  • Full connectivity of up to 496 gensets sorted into 16 groups of 31 gensets each. One GC- 3400XT per group
  • Redundant or single load share communication over CAN/Ethernet between easYgen and group controller
  • Redundant or single load share communication over Ethernet among group controllers
  • Redundant or single load share communication over Ethernet between GC and LS-6XT
  • Dedicated Ethernet Modbus TCP communication line to external Modbus master (PLC, SCADA etc.)
  • Active and reactive load sharing and load dependent start/stop (LDSS) management of the whole fleet
  • LDSS Emulation tool
  • Emulate generator sequencing on a PC
  • Transfer the final settings directly to the GC-3400XT
  • Supports synchronization and soft loading/unloading of a tie- or mains breaker
  • Phase angle compensation (Vector group adjustment) in case transformers are used in the application
  • Comprehensive monitoring of all interfaces, loss of redundancy and breaker feedback plausibility check
  • “System Update” function for troubleshooting and fast commissioning
  • Time / Date synchronization over Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)
  • Woodward ToolKit™ software for flexible setup from a single connection to the network. The ToolKit can be accessed either via USB, or via Ethernet, or via CAN ports
  • UL 61010, UL 6200, CSA, and CE compliance