CONTROL-EASYGEN-2300-5/P2 P.N: 8440-2058

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The easYgen-2000 Series is a compact, affordable genset control and protection package for load sharing up to 16 gensets in island operation, or parallel operation of a single unit with a utility. Its integrated load dependent start/stop programming allows you to define how gensets are brought on- and off-line to support changing load demands. It equally works with a mix of different sized engines, so you can maintain the spinning reserve you need while optimizing fuel efficiency.
The easYgen-2000 Series works with many common industrial interfaces:
  • CANopen for peer-to-peer load sharing
  • J1939 for engine ECU;
  • Modbus RTU for PLC, HMI, and SCADA
  • Modem for remote control and programming using Woodward ToolKit software
  • Operation modes: Auto, Stop, Manual, and Load/No Load test modes via discrete input possible
  • Breaker control: Slip frequency / phase matching synchronization, open-close control, breaker monitoring
  • Load transfer features: open / closed transition, interchange, soft loading / soft unloading, mains parallel
  • Remote control via interface and discrete/analog inputs for adjusting speed, frequency, voltage, power, reactive power, and power factor set points
  • Active power and reactive power load sharing with up to 16 units including load-dependent start/stop
  • Operating hours/start/maintenance counters – Operating hours also available from a connected ECU via
  • J1939/CAN
  • Supported ECU: Scania EMS/S6, Deutz EMR2, Volvo EMS2, MTU ADEC ECU7/8, Woodward EGS, MAN EDC 7, SISU EEM2/3, Cummins, Perkins and J1939 standard messages
  • Multi-lingual capability (11 languages in 1 unit configurable: English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Polish)
  • Event recorder (300 events, FIFO) with real time clock (battery backed; min. 5 years)
  • 128×64 dot graphical interactive LC display with soft keys
  • Start/stop logic for Diesel/Gas engines
  • Engine pre-glow or purge control
  • Warm-up control via timer or coolant temperature
  • PC and/or front panel configurable (ToolKit software)
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Discrete I/O expansion board connectivity (Woodward IKD 1 or Phoenix Contact IL series)