ANNUNCIATOR-RP-3000XT(P.N: 8446-1068)

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Woodward’s RP-3000XT is a touch screen remote control and annunciation panel for use with the easYgen-3000XT series controls. It is particularly useful with the back panel mounted easYgen-3100XT/3400XT, providing control from the front panel with greatly reduced wiring to the access door, while keeping high voltage connections located safely on the back panel.
The RP-3000XT offers all the HMI resources that the display variants easYgen-3200XT/3500XT offer with a touch screen technology. Irrespective of the easYgen-3000XT variants, this compact HMI solution connects to up to 32 XT controls (select and access one easYgen-3000XT at a time).
The RP-3000XT offers switchgear builders, genset packagers, and system integrators an off-the-shelf HMI option for any application where a secure remote control, monitoring and visualization is desired, such as hospitals, data centers, offshore rigs, landfill and wastewater gas-to-power applications to name a few.
  • Plug-and-Play remote annunciation and remote control of the easYgen-3000XT Series genset controls
  • Generic remote panel, connects to all easYgen-3000XT series controls
  • Multi-Cast function, offers connection to a fleet of easYgen-3000XT controls (one at a time)
  • Offers on-the-fly configuration with same security levels as easYgen-3000XT
  • Simplifies wiring to the access door and keeps high voltage connections remote
  • Small footprint makes compact installations
  • Touch screen and Color display
  • Ethernet communication to genset control
  • Multi-lingual Capability
  • Personalization by end user
  • CE Marked
  • UL/cUL Listing

The RP-3000XT represents full the easYgen-3000XT (with Password suppression)
• All Operating Mode buttons are indicated and active
• The MAN Start Stop buttons are indicated and active
• The Acknowledge button is indicated and active
• The Alarm Symbol is indicated and active
• The “Home” button is indicated and active
• The Configuration capability is activated
• No suppress of any screen Released 4 Configuration
• Password Screen is suppressed in the RP, if operated by easYgen-3000XT
• Password entry field of the Password Screen in the easYgen is suppressed, if operated by RP-3000XT